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  • Mechanical systems Engineer in Wimborne

    Discussion in 'UK jobs' started by Patrycja_29, Jun 13, 2011.

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      Mechanical Systems Engineer

      Innovators with Insight
      This mechanical systems engineer or fluid systems role will be involved in cutting edge projects and designs of highly technical systems solutions in Air to Air refuelling. Taking concepts through the development process is key to the success of our products. We view our staff as a key assets and joining our current team of experts you will be able to learn our products and help to keep us at the forefront of our industry.
      The successful candidate will join the KC46A air to air refuelling project team, engaged in systems engineering activities associated with the AAR systems under development for that aircraft.
      Applications are invited from systems engineers with qualifications in mechanical, aeronautical and fluid systems engineering.. Candidates will preferably have a strong background in the development of new systems and components for aircraft.
      Elements of responsibility may include electro-mechanical equipment such as motor & control equipment, actuators, sensors, trailing components and braking systems across departments including Fuel Transfer, Avionics, Hose Movement and Structures

      Cobham is one of the world's leading companies engaged in the development, delivery and support of leading-edge aerospace and defence systems in the air, on land and at sea. Our clients and partners trust Cobham to deliver the mission-critical technology they need, and we trust our employees to draw on their ingenuity and passion to deliver those solutions. This leads to an empowering culture for our people. Our Leadership team is open, sharing plans for the next five years, driving retention by offering demanding, exciting work, and providing full guidance and mentoring.

      As a mechanical systems engineer your responsibilities will include:
      • Preparation of technical estimates for non-recurring costs and manpower requirements
      • Requirements capture, validation and definition of verification strategy
      • Allocation of requirements to sub-systems and components
      • Preparation of Specifications and other project documentation
      • Risk management
      • Technical management of external suppliers
      • Liaison with customers, internal and external
      • Liaison with specialists such as design, performance and ILS engineers
      • Liaison with other internal departments such as Product Support and Operations
      • Support to rig, ground and flight tests as required and according to experience

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