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  • Mechanism to excite or damp the vibration

    Discussion in 'The main mechanical design forum' started by firedamage, Nov 16, 2012.

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      Nov 2012
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      I am doing a school project ( portable wave generator) and now facing problem designing the spring system.

      The portable wave generator will be generate electricity using rotating pendulum when the buoyant move up and down due to the waves passing through.The rotating pendulum will be placed on top of the buoyant. The rotating pendulum is to be made to generate electricity at 2 Hz .Since waves are not linear,the frequency is not constant. I am having difficulty in making sure the excitation frequency to be transferred to 2Hz. ( If wave is too big excitation frequencyy>2Hz, the system will damp the frequency to 2Hz and vice-versa).

      The function of tuned mass damper is to reduce the amplitude of vibration but it can only used to damp vibration but not excite it.I am thinking of using it to this job,but i am not sure whether should I use it.

      Is there any spring system which can excite as well as damp the excitation frequency to a particular frequency(eg: 2Hz) ?

      any advice would be greatly appreciated,thank you, :)

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