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  • Mold maintenance before production:

    Discussion in 'Plastic moulding' started by MIA WANG, Dec 6, 2021.

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      Sep 2021
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      Wipe away the dust, oil and rust from the mold and remove the dirt on the surface before loading the mold to the injection molding machine.

      Use air gun or rags, detergent or alcohol (alcohol for mirror mold) to clean the oil stains on the mold surface.

      Check whether there is any foreign matter in the cooling water channel of the mold to ensure the smooth flow of the water channel.

      Check whether the arc in the mold sprue bushing is damaged, whether there is any residual foreign matter, if any, it must be cleaned up.

      Moving parts: such as thimble, spring, hydraulic cylinder, slider, whether there is rust, bend, or break, and whether the movement must be smooth.

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