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      Nov 2012
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      It depends on what your specific needs are, but some of the factors you're likely looking at include dimensions, torque and speed output (stall and/or continuous), voltage and current requirements (and related power usage), shaft options, environmental suitability, and if it comes with/easily attaches auxillary equipment like encoders.
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      Dec 2014
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      Hi ashvini6,

      A lot of people tend to think about motors in terms of horsepower, but the main requirements that you will need to calculate are speed and torque. If you are going to be using a gearbox, then you will have to factor that in by using its gear ratio. You may consider picking a service factor for your drive requirements as well (usually between 1.00 and 2.50). When you know what your requirements are, you will need to shop around with different motor manufacturers (SEW, Baldor, Siemens, etc) until you are able to find one that meets your needs as well as fits in your budget. My recommendation though is to contact an application engineer from one of those companies to help you determine which motor will be best for your particular application.

      Some information I've found useful for drive calculations:
      Martin - General Engineering Information - (pdf - 1.11MB)
      Martin - Gear Engineering Data - (pdf - 0.56MB)
      [Note: Links are to downloadable pdfs and are working as of 31 Dec 14]

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