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    Discussion in 'Pop in and say hello!' started by keuninkske, Jan 4, 2010.

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      Jan 2010
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      hi to all,

      I am keuninkske, a belgian carmechanic.
      I am born in 1988 and just finished my professional bachelor cartechnologies studies.

      Unfortunatly i didn't find a job in the R&D sector because ofthe financial crisis (i gues) but my hobby stays to engineer things.
      As I like to work with reliable tools I also want to design reliable tools. So I am not afraid to make some calculations and think about it before I act.

      Already a lot of basic, hobbyist designs past trough my hands, a succes story of my projects you can find on our team site. http://www.freewebs.com/henkiteam

      until now everything worked out well with basic calculations and the basic knowledge I have as a young engineer.
      The main problem I have while engineering as a hobbyist is that I don't have acces to any databases of references or facts/digits that I need to make the calculations. Try and error (as one of my teachers told me once) is a too common thing in my designs.

      I hope to find some answers on this forum when I have my next problem, in the mean while I try to help the people as much as I can on this forum.

      I didn't mentioned yet about the electronic and microcontroller (programming) knowledge i have learned already on the net. About 2 years ago I was searching for some electronics knowledge for one of my projects and since then i stayed following a dutch electronics forum circuitsonline.net.
      Due to this forum my interests for the electronic side of engineering were also growing and already several projects are finished now. most of the time with microchips PIC microcontroller.

      As I see in my newest Ideas I want to combinate more and more the mechanic with the electronic part of my interests and I was hoping to find some help about the mechanics on this forum.

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