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  • Need help with soil sifter

    Discussion in 'The main mechanical design forum' started by Medic7594, May 31, 2013.

    1. Ligier

      Ligier New Member

      Feb 2012
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      Hi Chris,
      I had thought of the fill creeping to one end but thought that could be overcome in a non-industrial unit, by inclining the trays by hand until it works, or seeing that the unit would normally be loaded by shovel, shovel it back to the other end.

      This wooden structure was already well on in manufacture when I saw the thread, had it not been I would have suggested an other way, as you mentioned a drum screen. How about this.

      Buy an old cement mixer and either cut patches out of the drum and replace them with bolted in or welded in mesh, or if you have the time and patience, drill lots and lots of holes through the drum and use that as your sifter. You would need patience because the would have to be a great many holes to drill. One advantage of using this system is that the left over rubble can be tipped into your wheel barrow in the same way as the cement was.
    3. ChrisW

      ChrisW Well-Known Member

      Jun 2012
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      If you can find a suitable concrete mixer, the UK manufactured Belle is ideal, it would make a great trommel. Ideally, get hold of a plasma cutter and it wouldn't take long to perforate the drum using a plywood template, otherwise use a holesaw which would be a bit laborious.

      Flat panel sifters like Medic's are usually suspended from 4 ropes and shaken by hand for fine screening of small volume. His mechanically driven sifter is unusual but works well for bigger volumes or just less sweat!
    4. kevinhcrow

      kevinhcrow New Member

      Feb 2013
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      Great idea! I think you're on the right track but you need to step back a little and look at you're first iteration on the videos where you had a shorter stroke. This is more in lines with what Ligier had in mind with the cam idea. You just need to increase the speed and keep the stoke small to generate a greater change in acceleration/deceleration over time. This should give you the aggressive agitation you need for sifting. If you were to do it by hand, you would shake it aggressivly with small strokes.
    5. Medic7594

      Medic7594 Member

      May 2013
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      Hi guys,

      Sorry for the long delay in responding. Things have been very hectic from me.

      The soil sifter is working fairly well. I had to replace the 10" aluminum crank with a 9" cast iron crank because as we all knew, the spokes were not strong enough on the 10" crank.

      I had the chance to run it for a few hours yesterday. Unfortunately the connecting rod broke. No big deal. I am going to replace it with a steel rod this week. I hope to run it Saturday and will post a nice video for you guys.

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