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  • Needs suggestions on a metal store in Toronto

    Discussion in 'Manufacturing processes' started by merlinrose21, Jan 25, 2018.

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      Oct 2017
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      Hi guys,

      I'm running an automobile repairing company in Toronto since 2013. The business is going great and I'm getting many works nowadays.

      I used to purchase metal sheets for various purposes in the garage from a company located in Toronto itself.

      But as most of my employees started to complain about the low quality of their metal sheets and customers also, I planned to switch the company.

      Dr. Ferrick, an automobile scientist and engineer that I know suggested me to go for a metal store in Toronto that is said to be offering high-quality precision metal products.

      He told they are good. Even though, I would like to know your opinions as well before proceeding. Please respond as soon. Thanks in advance.

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