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    Discussion in 'Pop in and say hello!' started by Allfat, May 18, 2011.

    1. Allfat

      Allfat Member

      Apr 2011
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      Hello Everyone.

      I stumbled upon this forum and it looks like a pretty good resource. I have been perusing the forum for a while and decided to introduce myself.

      I am an engineer and shop manager for a company in Oregon that builds electrostatic sprayers for Agriculture. We design and build the best sprayers in the world. We have units all over the world spraying a variety of crops from vineyards to apples to cotton.

      Check out our website at www.ontargetspray.com. That is me in the video on the front page!

      I graduated college just over a year ago with a BS Mechanical Engineering and use Autodesk Inventor for solid modeling.

      I look forward to contributing to the forum and learning along the way.
    3. GarethW

      GarethW Chief Clicker Staff Member

      Jul 2009
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      Hi Allfat - glad you stopped by to say hello. Welcome to the Mechanical Design forum :)

      Cool! It's so great to see the diversity of people's experiences in this forum.

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