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    Discussion in 'Pop in and say hello!' started by delarge, May 25, 2015.

    1. delarge

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      May 2015
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      Hi, Russell here, based in the North east of England, UK, this being an age of recycling i will drop in below a brief paragraph of a much longer vaguely disturbing email that i have just sent to a local university trying to garner help from them, mad fool that i am.....

      ........Right, all that hogwash aside, I am a sporadically educated individual, who finds himself having ideas well beyond my capabilities to do anything about them and yet that simple fact seems to escape my darn brain and it keeps churning out impossible ideas at a rate of knots. Luckily I am blessed or cursed with a truly awful memory and so the problem is handle able for the most part as these ideas slip into the mist. However, finally getting to one of the points of this awful guff of an email, I have an idea for a machine that I would like to build and was wondering if.......

      I go on to ask if there is a venue or forum or something that i might be able to float ideas by to be shot down with the arrows of real world experience and knowledge, I am hoping that i have found such a place here......

      That is all


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