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  • Non-linear deflection of a round shim/washer

    Discussion in 'Calculations' started by debun, Feb 28, 2014.

    1. debun

      debun New Member

      Feb 2014
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      I saw a vendors catalog for a beveled washer that stated the deflection was non-linear. Does anyone have any information or know the equation for calculate the deflection of a flat thin steel washer? I would like to look at the deflection for individual shims as well as stacked for a given force. It will be supported on the OD and loaded through the ID. For example

      0.15mm thick
      17mm OD
      8mm ID

      Support contact
      16mm OD contact

      Load contact
      11mm ID contact
    3. misterblobby

      misterblobby New Member

      Mar 2014
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      Most belleville washer manufacturers will have the formulas in their catalogues, but you are better off using real test data if it is available. Try someone like Key Bellevilles.


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