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    Discussion in 'Pop in and say hello!' started by learning2, Mar 21, 2020.

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      Mar 2020
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      Hello all. I've been researching my idea for creating and marketing a water distiller that is affordable and repairable for most people. Its quite a learning curve. Stainless steel costs, immersion elements and welding costs have been a shocker.

      I have hopes of creating a distiller with a small foot print and completely automated including scheduled/adjustable cleaning of the boiling chamber. I'm confident I can get up-to-speed in creating and setting up a circuit board to handle the automation. But, already I've inadvertantly insulted heating element sales people because they offered me industrial elements and prices over my hoped final market costs for the finished distiller.

      I'd like to make sure my system is able to meet certification requirements of the U.S., Canada and elsewehere in the future (yet to learn about that). But, most important I want to produce safe units. Which is why I'm here.

      I've just restarted learning the CAD software supplied by one company that can prototype a unit. So that's another curve.

      I saw where a Engineer with certifications for boilers is what I need. So, I'm hoping to learn and study and, hopefully, get some assistance, recommendations, critique and anything else I should need.

      I hope this is a good spot. My Dad, a former mechanical engineer, is no longer able to help me due to his health. In the meantime, I will look around.

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