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  • Nov 14th 2011: Facebook, pulleys, high-speed railway ...& stuff!

    Discussion in 'Newsletters' started by GarethW, Nov 14, 2011.

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      Dear members,

      Firstly, I'd just like to request that you give us a "like" on Facebook. Please click the massive button below to go to our Facebook page where you can do this. Every "like" makes a big difference and helps to build our community, and get those difficult mechanical engineering questions answered.

      there are a couple of brand new features of this forum I'd like to introduce to you:

      1) Blogs: Why not start your very own one right here in the Mechanical Design Forum? Just click the "Blogs" link on the toolbar above and get started. All we ask is, a) please try to keep it relevant to mechanical engineering, and, b) no promotional material!

      2) Groups: I'm a big fan of this facility! Here you can join groups, start (and manage) your own group, invite members to join, have group discussions etc.

      I hope you like these features. Please let me know what you think. In the meantime, below are a few choice discussion topics for you to check out.

      Best regards,

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      Project with Pulley and gears: I am in grade 4 and for my school project, I need to design a project using pulleys and gears where this design can be used to help the disabled people move more easily.Further i need to do a model of this as well.

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      Waterproof electrical connectors: I'm after 24V waterproof (splash proof) electrical connectors - similar to those used in and around car engines. Any idea where I might be able to find them or at least what the technical name is?

      Unanswered questions
      Gripping force on Collet? How to calculate gripping force on collet. The collet dimensions: Dia 70mmx16mmPower Chuck Dia 250mm (Jaw=3), Special Jaws, overhang of jaw: 119mm Static gripping force: 10630N, The Chuck is held on rotatory table., Operation: machining grooves on round part.....

      High-Speed-Railway. Design of supporting structure of train - Help for my thesis I'm looking for any usefull information about designing high-speed trains. Especially documentation for supporing structure. I'm going to design supporting structure of the high speed train in Catia v5 and research its aerodynamic with the help of Finite Elements Method.Utilize for my thesis. Anybody has experience on this field? . I would be grateful for any little help.....

      Russia - mechanical engineering jobs? Hello all, does anyone have any experience of general mechanical engineering jobs within the Russian Federation? I know there would be visa restrictions but I would guess that a Russian Company would be able to ease the visa process considerably. Phil

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