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  • Nov 3rd 2011: Mechanical arms, engine hunting ...& more!

    Discussion in 'Newsletters' started by GarethW, Nov 3, 2011.

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      Dear members,

      Welcome to the 1st weekly digest since we upgaded our software. As you can see there have been many changes to the site. We now have a much slicker interface with some great tools - blogs, groups (why not start your own?). The old Knowledge Base has been superseded by articles that appear on the homepage (much more visible).

      We hope that you like the changes. It's been a lot of hard work and a difficult transition, so bear with us if you encounter some problems - there's a huge list of minor issues we're fixing gradually in the background.

      Please tell us what you think of the changes here. In the meantime, below is a digest of the latest discussion topics...

      Best regards,

      Hot topics
      Research into mechanical arms. Are there any mechanical arms that can move less then the size of an atom (estimated about .152 Van Der Waals.) incrementally and three dimensionally on every axis? If not what is the smallest controlled movement an arm can make thus far?

      Motor cycle designing(HELP) I m a graduate in mechanical engg. and i wanted to know how can i entry in motor cycle designing... I want to become a motor cycle or cruiser bike designer and i intend to start my own shop for the same.. Any suggestions??

      Engine Hunting What does engine going for hunting due to no air receiver tank mean??

      aligners or bushings for a reciprocating rod? my design needs aligners that can retain a reciprocating rod in a linear path. The is thrust forward by an impact from a rotating cam and returned by a pair of springs. Where can i find suitable aligners, particularly those in the form of car shock absorbers but without having the stiffness of a car shock absorber?

      From 3D Visualisation to Design Engineering I am looking for a career change guidance from more experienced people. I am looking to change my career from 3d Visualization to Design Engineering or Mechanical Engineer.
      But I don't know which way to go to get my foot in the industry asap.

      Unanswered questions
      Gripping force on Collet? How to calculate gripping force on collet. The collet dimensions: Dia 70mmx16mmPower Chuck Dia 250mm (Jaw=3), Special Jaws, overhang of jaw: 119mm Static gripping force: 10630N, The Chuck is held on rotatory table., Operation: machining grooves on round part.....

      Evaluation of skill set I'm a B.Tech graduate from Kerala, India, and have 2 years of experience in the gulf regions (Abu Dhabi) working on projects involving the construction of oil rigs. My job profile was that of a project engineer, completely detached from design.

      How to promote business I am from the company which has good infrastructure and set up. CNC machines, Forging shops and we provide quality products to customer like Volvo Eicher, JOhn Deer, Mahindra and Mahindra. Now i would like to expand my business to other countries, Can anybody suggest me how we can explore the possibilities and get business from European countries and USA......

      High-Speed-Railway. Design of supporting structure of train - Help for my thesis
      I'm looking for any usefull information about designing high-speed trains. Especially documentation for supporing structure. I'm going to design supporting structure of the high speed train in Catia v5 and research its aerodynamic with the help of Finite Elements Method.Utilize for my thesis. Anybody has experience on this field? . I would be grateful for any little help.....

      Russia - mechanical engineering jobs? Hello all, does anyone have any experience of general mechanical engineering jobs within the Russian Federation? I know there would be visa restrictions but I would guess that a Russian Company would be able to ease the visa process considerably. Phil

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