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  • November 7th 2010 - Forum news!

    Discussion in 'Newsletters' started by GarethW, Nov 7, 2010.

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      MDF Newsletter: 7th November 2010

      Been doing a bit of housekeeping
      I've been trying to spend more time over at our LinkedIn group. My apologies for letting it go off the rails recently! Basically I took my eye off the place for a few weeks and a horde of recruiters threw a spam party! They're under control now (I even had to ban one particularly naughty one :eek: ) I'm seriously going to have to be very strict about keeping the forum spam-free (both here and over at LinkedIn). I.E. No more job postings in the wrong place, no more "for more info read my blog/email me" kind of posts etc etc - you get the idea. Oh - and no definitely no people posting details of their "handy" webinars.

      Anyhow - rant over! If you're not already a member please do check out the LinkedIn group. There's a good bunch over there too, and it's gradually turning into one of the larger mechanical design groups - which is nice - expecially as all the big ones are all run by recruiters.

      "Similar Topics" - a nice new forum feature
      I've implemented a rather funky new feature on the forum that makes finding useful information much easier! Basically scroll to the bottom of any topic and you'll see the top 5 listed similar topics there.

      Here's an example: Look at this topic: "motor calculation". If you scroll to the bottom of the page you'll see the top 5 relevant listing right after the last post - and yes it's stuff about motors!

      It's so easy for useful info to get "lost" in internet forums. I think this should help prevent that happening with this forum, and ensure that members get easy access to all the good stuff we've got on this site.

      Knowledge Base
      Please do check out the KNOWLEDGE BASE! There's a link to it in the navigation bar at the top of each page, and you'll also see banners here & there announcing its presence. Anyone can contribute an article - just publish it there at your leisure. Some members have already requested articles. Click here to see them. You can choose to take one on if you like.

      Prize draw winner:
      Congrats to DesignTechnologist and thanks once again to those wonderful chaps at 3Dconnexion for the fantastic prize. :)

      Yaaay! Lots of members
      Hi to crossjohn98 - our 700th member! Won't be long until the forum is hitting the magic 1000 members!!


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