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  • Nuclear power plant

    Discussion in 'Suggest a forum topic' started by Cephas VN, Oct 11, 2019.

    1. Cephas VN

      Cephas VN New Member

      Oct 2019
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      Today I 've got one question for you guys;
      Is the nuclear power plant a good way to produce electricity on Earth??
      Justify your answer and give your opinion about it. scientific.jpeg
    3. s.weinberg

      s.weinberg Well-Known Member EngineeringClicks Expert

      Nov 2012
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      Off the top of my head.

      - Proven safest method to produce power on a per GWh basis
      - environmentally friendly
      - able to provide massive amounts of power in a relatively small footprint

      - slow startup
      - high commissioning costs
      - a lot of water use

      So, to sum, I'm not sure about the economics. They probably depend a lot on location and specific use.
      As far as safety and cleanliness, they're pretty much unrivaled.
    4. Jamesmatheson

      Jamesmatheson New Member

      Mar 2020
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      I know how to make a wind up clock charge a cellphone

      It can do more

      I need a gear reduction to make it self winding

      Would you please help me find someone to make the gear reduction

      Justify your answer and give your opinion about it. View attachment 929 [/QUOTE]
    5. chrstopher007

      chrstopher007 Member

      Mar 2021
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      I think nuclear power plant is harmful for our earth environment. Reasons are-

      1. Nuclear waste:
      The waste generated by nuclear reactors remains radioactive for tens to hundreds of thousands of years. Currently, there are no long-term storage solutions for radioactive waste, and most is stored in temporary, above-ground facilities. These facilities are running out of storage space, so the nuclear industry is turning to other types of storage that are more costly and potentially less safe.
      2. Nuclear proliferation:
      here is great concern that the development of nuclear energy programs increases the likelihood of proliferation of nuclear weapons. As nuclear fuel and technologies become globally available, the risk of these falling into the wrong hands is increasingly present. To avoid weapons proliferation, it is important that countries with high levels of corruption and instability be discouraged from creating nuclear programs, and the US should be a leader in non-proliferation by not pushing for more nuclear power at home.
      3. Cancer risk
      In addition to the significant risk of cancer associated with fallout from nuclear disasters, studies also show an increased risk for those who reside near a nuclear power plant, especially for childhood cancers such as leukemia (6)(7)(8). Workers in the nuclear industry are also exposed to higher-than-normal levels of radiation, and as a result are at a higher risk of death from cancer (10).

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