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    Discussion in 'Help, info & forum announcements' started by rory_way, Mar 12, 2015.

    1. rory_way

      rory_way Member

      Sep 2014
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      Hi there,

      I'm working on a project developing a filling cabinet (more of a shelving structure as it's open, no more than 800mm high probably), does anyone know of any specific legislation surrounding these types of products?
      I assume this just comes under General Product Safety Regulations 2005? Which basically says make sure no one can injure themselves during use.

      Many thanks in advance.
    3. Dave Archer

      Dave Archer Active Member

      Jun 2014
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      Probably a good idea to arrange the design so that it can be screwed securely against a wall.

      If a child climbs up it when it is free standing, it could fall over on top of them, along with all the contents.

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