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    Discussion in 'UK jobs' started by PetyaD, Feb 20, 2012.

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      On-site Lead Product Engineer

      The On-site Design Engineering Team Lead will undertake a pre-defined role within the engineering team. The role requires a full understanding of technical challenges relating to engine install projects. It also requires and understanding of how to manage process integration between two partners.

      Main responsibilities and Skills:

      - Provide analytical assessment of technical engineering data including technical drawings in order to analyze, recommend, and create project specifications for the production teams ensuring proper design that meet JLG requirements
      - Research, evaluate and recommend engineering design solutions to provide industry leading quality and performance while maintaining program cost and timing.
      - Work with test engineers in development and execution of DVP&R.
      - Communicate with engineering, manufacturing, and production personnel on technical product specifications throughout product development life-cycle including prototype and production stages of project (DFM, DFA).
      - Proactively identify possible project issues to mitigate impacts on project deliverables by initiating necessary action plans in place to mitigate risks (DFMEA, Proactive Reliability, Mistake Proof, Error Proof).
      - Direct workflow and resource management to achieve project objectives
      - Support supplier qualification and selection process through technical inquiries and evaluation to ensure conformance with contracted deliverables.
      - Create, check and review engineering and technical specification documents using sales, customer, and manufacturing data and inputs to ensure proper design of product(s) to meet JLG requirements.
      - Utilize computer aided drafting and mechanical design software applications to design mechanical and electro-mechanical products that meet the defined specifications
      - Develop and test alternate design models and processing methodologies to assess feasibility, operating conditions and possible new product applications.
      - Lead and direct the work of others by ensuring the successful delivery of customer-focused solutions by successfully completing the following:
      - Encourage innovative solutions through technical review, input and guidance to production teams in the design, test and delivery
      - Monitor and ensure appropriate efficiencies and improvements are maintained throughout product development lifecycle.
      - Collaborate with other technical disciplines throughout the product development lifecycle to ensure effective integration of scope into the overall product design (VOC, VOB, BD, IA).
      - Analyze customer data, documents, and project requirements to create initial Project Budget and Timing.

      Location: Burtingthorpe, UK
      Start: February 2012
      Duration: 18 – 24 months+

      If you are interested, please send your CV to [email protected]

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