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    Discussion in 'The main mechanical design forum' started by bill7718, Feb 10, 2011.

    1. bill7718

      bill7718 Member

      Oct 2010
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      Because he only has a viewer,I have a client that insists on having drawing files in particular file extensions. Specificly as SolidWorks and or Autocad 3d .dwg files. I use SolidEdge which has interoperability with SolidWorks part and drafting files. I can't convince him to accept my files though. I downloaded trial version of Alibre that converts to .sldprt but that will run out in 30 days. So I was wondering if anyone would be willing to open/import my part and/or drafting files and return the file to me in their format. Very simple parts, a recessed washer is all I have for now. I would be willing to swap work or whatever I can do to make a fair trade.
      Thank you
    3. CADfix

      CADfix New Member

      Nov 2014
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      Hi Bill,

      If he only requires a b-rep model (without the ability to parametrically edit the file), then there is no reason not to accept a non-native file (I suggest Parasolid for SolidWorks, and ACIS for AutoCAD). These file formats are native to the CAD packages geometry engine, and are therefore identical to the native geometry in their respective native formats.
      If however your contact is after the ability to modify the history, features, and have a linked drawing, then he will require the native files. The only way to achieve this with this combination of systems is to model the parts in SolidWorks.

      I can provide support for file conversions using CADfix is this is appropriate.
    4. Steve6br

      Steve6br Member

      Aug 2011
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      Native files

      It may be coincidence but the e-drawings viewer that is free on line reads solidworks and dwg files. It also has its own e-drawings format that is lightweight and suitable for e-mailing drawings. I suspect this may be the viewing package your customer is using?

      Go to the e-drawings website and you will find a translator that allows solidedge to output e-drawings format files directly.....


      E-drawings files cant be edited but if your client is using a viewer he cant edit them anyway....

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