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    Discussion in 'USA jobs' started by opensourceeco, Aug 30, 2012.

    1. opensourceeco

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      Aug 2012
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      The Global Village Construction Set (GVCS) is an open source platform. It is a set of the 50 different industrial machines that it takes to build a small civilization with modern comforts. The designs include everything from a tractor, to an oven, to a circuit maker, to a wide array of tools covering agriculture, construction, fabrication, energy, and transportation. We publish all of our plans and designs openly allowing anyone in the world to use, build upon, and contribute back to a common pool of human knowledge. That is the beauty of open source.

      The main development facility of the GVCS is called Factor e Farm, our living laboratory on 30 acres, one hour away from Kansas City. We have an office with two fast internet lines and a workstation for CAD and video editing. We have a workshop, a 4,000 sf flexible fabrication facility, which includes mills, drills, lathes, plasma cutters, welders, torches, a surface grinder, and other tools. We are off grid, except for the fast internet.

      Our organization is growing tremendously. As part of this growth, we are looking for seasoned professionals to join our core development team.

      We are looking for a Master Prototyper. The ideal candidate would be a skilled, seasoned or retired machinist/fabricator/prototyper who is also up to date on digital fabrication. The candidate would also have a broad range of skills such as mechanics, hydraulics, electronics, automation, metal casting, and tool and die making.

      (see Master Prototyper link to apply and find out more information, as well as watch our awesome recruiting video!)
    3. majortm

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      Jan 2014
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      Email: [email protected] 561=620-7828

      Work Experience: Contract design and build of machine components & assemblies. Subcontractor to DOD principles, Novel design and build, Label printing machines, paper folding machines/mailers, bottling machines, special tooling, drill/holding fixtures, steel metal fabrication, process sheets, procurement, purchasing, inspection and conformance.

      Background: I have been involved in the manufacturing trades since 1972 and have received apprentice instruction in both wood model making and special tooling and gauging. I have worked on six major projects: 1.) X-M1 Abrams Tank subcontractor, General Dynamic�s Land Systems Division, MI. 2.) An OEM single source supplier of JIT delivery of complete sub-assemblies, Didde Corp, KS. 3.) US Army 5 ton tactical truck pilot program, TTC, MI. 4.) The implementation of a business plan to supply after-market service components to an installed base of Flexographic printing manufactures (labels) worldwide. 5.) Design & Build Cold/Hot Bottling line 6.) Paper folding and mailing machine.

      Quality: MIL-STD 45662 & 45208, Co-Authored ISO OC manual, established gauging records, Drafted Inspection ​
      Inspection reports, In-process inspection records, Total Quality Management MRB Board, Tool/Gauge account records ​
      Operator accountability records, Certificate of Conformance

      Manufacturing: Design & Build, special machines, prototype models. Program and operation: CNC milling and turning machines, Manual machining operation and Set-up: Mills, Lathes, Surface Grinding, OD grinding, Honing. Fabrication: Layout, weldment, Sheet Metal drawing & forming. Tool design: In-process fixturing and processing: inspection gauges, holding fixtures. Developed and Drafted: Operation process sheets, operational drawings, direct labor management.

      2008-2011: Olson Folding Machines: Identify / catalog 892 commercial items and create working drawings to procure machined and fabricated parts from qualified suppliers. Created a 27 sub-assembly sequence and documenting assembly process and detailed drawings or requirements and procedures. Promotion of customer service contacts and promotions of replacement parts and rebuilt machines. Responsable for plant layout and operation, management of assembly labor and supplies.

      2002-2007: Provider of manufacturing solutions to include procurement, estimation, plant operation, processing, design & build requirements and quality assurance assistance. Design & Build from concept a 28 station hot/cold bottling line, producing 2 units a second.

      2097-2001: Authored and implament a 72 page business plan to supply parts and assemblies shipped directly to end-user of Fexographic label printing machines worldwide, OEM approved source, Co-authored and development of a ISO operating manual for manufacturing procedures and repair services.

      1992-1996: Contract machine and sub-assemblies to the OEM a single source supplier. Created operational drawings, process sheets, inspection fixtures, special tooling and direct management of 10 skilled machinist, zero defect and JIT.

      1989-1991: Supplied prototype fabricated parts and assemblies, sub-contractor for US Army 5-ton trucks testing program, large weldments, sheet metal drawing and forming.

      1984-1988: FAA repair station to Eastern Airlines: MIA. Special tooling and gauges supplier to Pratt & Whitney Palm Bch. Fl. Of precision gound splined shafting components.

      1980-1983: CNC machine contractor: processing, fixturing, progarming andfinal inpection of precision parts supplied to General Dynamics Land System, XM-1 tank,

      1975-1978: Apprentice, Applied Products Inc. Warren, MI. Auto industry supplier of prototype parts and models for new design and development. Suppler to Chrysler Tank Division prototyping A1 Abrams Tank pilot program.
      1971-1974: Student, Troy High School, Troy, MI. Co-op After school program: (Applied Products helper)

      Education: Macomb Community College: Associate Degree: (Metal model maker 1973-1979)

      Travel: England, France, Belgium, Germany, Jamaica, Ireland, Porto Rico, Bahamas, Mexico, Dominican Republic
      Interest: Sculpting, oil painting, piano, design, writing, TWIC card#08245746

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