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  • Pelican Imaging (CA) is looking for a Camera Module engineer, ME skills required

    Discussion in 'Jobs available' started by sppeterson, Mar 31, 2015.

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      Mar 2015
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      The Camera Module Integration Engineer will have extensive supply chain management experience and will define efficient and novel packaging techniques. In this position you will work together with Pelican’s optics and systems engineering leads in the development of camera module packaging for our cutting edge array camera technology. You will coordinate with our external CMI-partners, lens, and sensor suppliers to define and validate module-related system and architectural aspects, and translate into solid opto-mechanical specifications to ensure manufacturability.

      The team at Pelican Imaging has developed revolutionary new technology: a small, super-thin array camera that captures in 3D. The Pelican depth-sensing array calculates the depth of the scene and simultaneously marries the depth information with the RGB images of the primary camera in a mobile device.

      To apply: http://pelicanimaging.com/careers/opportunities/camera_mod_int.php

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