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  • Piping design in revit

    Discussion in 'Help, info & forum announcements' started by francesco.ciani88, Jul 17, 2015.

    1. francesco.ciani88

      francesco.ciani88 New Member

      Jul 2015
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      I start working as piping designer in a fire fighting company. I am searching a solution to avoid the time wasting of using autocad and made mtos by myself, just counting manually all the objects.

      I have heard about revit mep, it seems that a bim revolution is happening and everybody talks about it. I tried to learn it, but seems that to implement all the families requires a lot of time and furthermore revit does not generate the typical isometrics (to put the dimensions on the pipes is not so easy).

      Do you think that keep on using revit is worth? Do you have any advice that can help me in this implementation?
      Which is your favourite softer for piping system and Why?

      I accept every advice.

    3. Bill Toulas

      Bill Toulas Well-Known Member EngineeringClicks Expert

      Sep 2017
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      If you're working alone, then BIM solutions are "too much" as they are meant to be tools that are part of the whole project management process. They are meant to be used as complete collaboration platforms, not single-point design tools.

      Now, if you want a quick and easy to use isometric 3D piping software, take a look at:
      • Creo Piping (extension to parametric)
      • PipeFlow
      • CADMATIC
      • Smap3D
      These solutions are all quite convenient and can cover your needs/requirements.

      Finally, for firefighting systems specifically, there's also the "FireCAD" software which makes the design of sprinklers and hose systems, sizing of pipes and protection elements, easy. And it's 3D, so you can have isometric if you like.

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