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  • Pivot locking Assembly

    Discussion in 'The main mechanical design forum' started by nodaysoff, Feb 28, 2011.

    1. nodaysoff

      nodaysoff New Member

      Jan 2011
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      Hey wassup guys,

      Would anyone know where i can find a pivot/locking assembly of this type but for a more general application? (pic below). Ive been searching all over for this and cant seem to find it anywhere, this specific one i came across @ a local homedepot (paint roller ext. rod pivot). The only other place Ive seen this arrangment was on belt/chain tensioners. If i were to get this assembly fabricated (same pivot section, different end) would it be cheaper to get it machined or molded thru injection)

      Roller to ext. pole pivot assemply

      thanks in advance for the help
    3. AndrewNew

      AndrewNew Well-Known Member

      Jul 2010
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      In my younger days I dabbled in a spot of fishing. You can get plastic/brass versions of these to allow you to position your bank sticks at the right angle. I'd suggest you pay a visit to your local tackle shop, they should be able to help you out. This is the kind of thing I mean http://www.hinders.co.uk/prod/3056/pres ... angle-lock.

      Re machining/moulding, it depends on how many you want. Because of the initial expense of tooling for moulding, you will only start to see the price per unit for a moulded component come down below that of a machined component if you want to make of many hundreds or possibly thousands.

      Bon chance!


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