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  • plate rolling machine design

    Discussion in 'The main mechanical design forum' started by arman.hr, Jan 26, 2018.

    1. arman.hr

      arman.hr New Member

      Jan 2018
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      I would like to build a sheet metal rolling machine, to be able to bend 3.2 m long,4,5 and 6mm thick sheet metals to make a 12 inches pipe. i dont know the size (diameter of each rollers) of rollers and thickness of them to endure the pressure and the distance between rollers.
    3. GoodCat

      GoodCat Well-Known Member EngineeringClicks Expert

      Nov 2018
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      This is a 3-shaft machine?

      The diameter of the roller, I think the optimum will be 110-120mm

      The distance between the centers of the support rollers with a roller diameter of 120mm should be 260mm

      The movable upper roller must have a mobility allowing it to descend into the same plane as the support rollers.

      This means that in the extreme position the upper roller and the two lower rollers should be on the same axis. This design will allow you to get the most functional equipment with a minimum size.

      The sheet that you curl into the ring is thick enough so it is best if the moving roller has a hydraulic drive.

      It is necessary to install rollers with a perfect parallel position of the axes, otherwise the resulting pipe will have a large cone, for this, it is necessary to consider the possibility of adjusting the position of all the rollers in the horizontal and vertical plane.

      since the width of the sheet is large, the lower rollers will bend strongly under their weight, you also need to install under the lower rollers 2 support rollers each with a step of approximately 200-250mm.

      The upper roller should have a wall thick enough to reduce bending. It will also sag under its own weight, but during operation, when it is pressed against the sheet, it will straighten up and will not have a strong effect on the taper of the pipe being made.

      As a result, the structure should turn out as KGL-2 (but you will not have the upper frames for rigidity).

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