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    Discussion in '2D and 3D CAD general discussion forum' started by rapid chinese pioneer, Jun 9, 2015.

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      May 2015
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      Possible future trend of the social ideas of 3 d design software - technical discussion, making friends, sharing.

      I think after may PROE, Solidworks, CAD and other software in the software set up social friends and sharing.

      Interaction can increase software frequency of use and convenience.
      Such as when you meet a parts not drawing can be directly on the software request, friends from all over the world can see soon.
      Then could understand man eagerly to tell you, and may be directly uploaded beckoned, and even process video to show you.
      Interaction is immediate, it's very important.
      Hope to see each big design software company, you also can come to discuss.
      Technical personnel haven't company attaches great importance to the communication between, I think it's a pain points, which company was, it is possible to get breakthrough in the market.
      I hope everyone to participate in the discussion.

      rapid chinese pioneer
      A Mechanical Design Engineer from Suzhou China .


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