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    Discussion in 'USA jobs' started by AnandP, Jan 20, 2011.

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      Dec 2010
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      Location: Detroit, MI
      Duration: 1 year contract
      Pay Rate: DOE

      Skills & Description:

      Detailed responsibilities include: Engine, Transmission, Driveline, and After treatment Functional Requirements definition for overall powertrain performance, efficiency, serviceability and reliability of repeatable performance.

      The specific roles of a Project Engineer 2 in this effort include:
      • Plans and performs Controls Software Development and other relevant engineering project work within the project team as required.
      • Plans and manages engineering resources according to project requirements.
      • Works on specific phases or aspects of projects such as technical studies, preparation of specifications, technical plans, engine testing, data analysis and validation.
      • Supports/ensures data quality and writes technical project reports.
      • Reviews project for compliance with engineering principles, company standards, and customer requirements
      • Coordinates activities concerned with technical development, scheduling, and resolving engineering test issues.
      • Plans and executes engine performance and emissions research and development activities.
      • Supports, organizes, and leads customer meetings.
      • Other duties as required to insure project success

      Mandatory: Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering

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