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  • Pressure Sewage line (camp 1000-5000PE)

    Discussion in 'Engineering Drawings' started by Evgenii An, Apr 18, 2018.


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    1. Evgenii An

      Evgenii An New Member

      Apr 2018
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      Hello, colleagues!
      I need your help with the design of pressure sewage pipeline for Camp in Africa (scheme is attached);
      I am going to install 4 WWTP 200m3/day each.
      I plan to use PVC pipe and a lot of Lift Stations.
      Have no experience with pressure line so big scale.
      Next issues I got:
      1) Which materials are better to use and which type of connections?
      2) Is it accurate Lift Stations locations on the Layout?
      3) Any comments are highly appreciated!

      Link for Layout in good quality:


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