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  • Pressure Vessel HELP!

    Discussion in 'The main mechanical design forum' started by gbahena, Jul 17, 2013.

    1. gbahena

      gbahena New Member

      Jul 2013
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      Hey there,

      I came across a slight dilemma. I have a pressurized vessel with about 120 Bar (roughly 1740.45 psi) I need some type of system and/or valve, that could help me take the internal pressure from 120 bar to atmospheric pressure in 6 minutes with a constant flow rate of about 20 bar per minute. Any suggestions? or possible experience on this subject? Would also need to record the flow rate... Thanks in advance.
    3. PWASS

      PWASS Well-Known Member

      Sep 2009
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      |Hi Gbahena

      I assume your talking about an oil hydraulic system, how are you raising the pressure to 120 Bar?

      Depending on the rest of the system, you could use either a proportional pressure relief valve or a proportional pressure reducing valve.

      The rate of drop in pressure would be controlled electronically, using a pressure transducer as feedback, this could also be used to record the change in pressure.

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