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    Discussion in 'Canada jobs' started by AnandP, Dec 23, 2010.

    1. AnandP

      AnandP Member

      Dec 2010
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      Location: Missisauga, ON, Canada
      Duration: Long Term
      Pay Rate: DOE

      Technical Skills:

      - Expertise in new product development and manufacturing
      - Design and Manufacturing of Press tools, Injection Mold, Jigs and Fixtures
      - Electro-mechanical designs
      - Design for Manufacturability / Assembly / Serviceability
      - Component design for Sheet Metal & Plastic parts
      - Materials selection for various applications
      - IP and EMI/EMC considerations for product design
      - Industrial Design Knowledge / ability would be an added advantage

      Software Skills:

      - Pro E Wildfire 4
      - Pro / Intralink or Windchill PLM
      - MS Project / MS office

      Management skills:

      - Project Management including Design, Development, sourcing, vendor identification, Prototyping & Tooling
      - Good communication and interpersonal skills
      - Statement of Work preparation, requirement gathering and analysis
      - Estimation, Planning, proposal making
      - Knowledge of complete PDLC
      - Project Management experience.

      Core Skills:

      "Plastics Design and Manufacturing Experience
      Good understanding of complete PDLC
      Strong in Management Skills

      Mandatory: BE (Mechanical)
      Relevant Exp: Minimum 6 years

      Interested candidates please mail your resumes to [email protected]


      Anand P
      Systel Inc
      Atlanta, GA
      [email protected]
    3. SomayehGhasemi

      SomayehGhasemi New Member

      Nov 2014
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      I'm designer of plastic injectin molds. I work with SolidWorks and have 2years experience in this field.
    4. Praim Singh Jutla

      Praim Singh Jutla New Member

      Sep 2016
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      Hello, Anand P

      I'm an experienced and skilled Mechanical Engineering Technologist. I currently work as Lead Hand of a department that contains 9 machines. I'm involved with Designing, Machining, Troubleshooting, Maintenance, Planning and Ordering Raw material.

      I do more than asked and I'm an excellent problem solver that made my company a substantial amount of money. I'm also excellent in injection molding practices and design and fabrication. I need a challenge because my job is to easy for me now.

      Please look at my resume, I've sent it to your email.

      Best Regards,
      Praim Jutla
    5. andrew1q

      andrew1q Member

      Aug 2016
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