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  • questions for A slip on Gearbox

    Discussion in 'The main mechanical design forum' started by GGoOrz, Nov 3, 2013.

    1. GGoOrz

      GGoOrz New Member

      Nov 2013
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      Hi guys,

      this is a question from one of the subject I'm studying, I find some of them are pretty hard...
      (tried to answer them but still seem wrong, except Q1)

      Here is the question!

      Thanks for the help if you have the time to help me with my questions^^

    3. PierArg

      PierArg Well-Known Member

      Mar 2013
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      Hi GGoOrz and welcome to the mdf forum.
      "Unfortunately" this in not the spirit of the forum. Members are not here to solve the user's homework but only to give advices or suggestions.

      The forum works in this way:
      - a new member needs to introduce himself (have you seen the forum rules?)
      - if you have a doubt, you should post your solution first
      - other members help you to get the best solution

      So please post your solution...so we can guide you.

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