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    Discussion in 'Pop in and say hello!' started by zaccutt, Feb 5, 2015.

    1. zaccutt

      zaccutt Member

      Feb 2015
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      Hey guys

      I'm from Canada near Toronto. I graduated from Mech design just a few years ago and work a not an automation company. We design and build automated assembly equip, I also will be a certified general machinist soon so I can really understand how things go together in the real world.

      I'm an inventor at heart and am always dreaming of new ideas. I always have some secret project in the works.

      I also have a Scirocco (ha remember those?) Which I race and love dearly.

      This seems like a great place to share ideas and brainstorm.

      I posted a topic about 12 hours ago but it still hasn't been approved, is this normal?



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