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    Discussion in 'The main mechanical design forum' started by hemcrop, Sep 2, 2011.

    1. hemcrop

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      May 2011
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      Hello Everybody,

      I'm looking for Pump and Piping Engineering book where i can learn Pump Calculations like Pump Sizing, Calculation of Pressure Drop Across pipe bends, Valves etc and Back Pressure Calculations and apply them to real world problems. I am Basically a Mechanical Engineer and I'm new to Pump and Piping Engineering. Please Suggest me good books which is easily understandable and with lot of examples.

      Thank You,

      Cheers, :D

    3. LinkedIn Gopher

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      Feb 2010
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      Follow simple steps in sizing pipe using proper units:

      How to Size a Pump

      To lift water through a certain height.


      Work = Force x Distance

      Power = Work Done___
      Time in Seconds

      1 Gallon of water weighs 8.33 lbs

      1 Horse Power = 550 Ftlb/sec

      HP (req) = Power___
      550 Ftlb/sec


      Your building is 10 stories tall

      You are pumping 3000 gal of water to the top

      You want the water to reach the top in 1 minutes time

      How much horse power is required to lift the 3000 gal of water to the top?

      Height = 10 stories x 10’ per story = 100’

      Weight of water = 3000 gal x 8.33 lb = 24990 lbs

      Force = 24990 lbs x 100’ = 2,499,000 Ftlbs

      Time = 1 min = 60 sec

      Power = 2,499,000 = 41,650 Ftlbs/sec
      60 sec

      HP (req) = 41,650 Ftlbs/sec
      550 Ftlbs/sec

      HP (req) = 75.72 HP Assuming Service factor of 1.25 HP = 75.72 X 1.25 =94.65 HP

      Recommended horse power = 100 for this scenario



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