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    Discussion in 'Jobs available' started by ruth_evans, Apr 17, 2015.

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      Apr 2015
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      Hi there!
      My name is Ruth Evans, I am Public Manager at our research brain center.
      Currently we are looking for high-motivated, dedicated engineers to assist us in doing researches on different engineering topics. We welcome professionals in civil engineering, construction engineering, biomedical engineering, people with knowledge of MatLab are also very welcome.

      Researches should be completed in academic style, specific topics are very different and each of them is unique; very important is to create an original paper on the specific topic.

      For any additional information, please contact me via e-mail: engineering(dot)phd(dot)job(at)gmail(dot)com

      Our rates start from $5 per page (275 words) and your authorship and intellectual property rights would belong to our company (as we are buying your done-work).

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