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  • Right angle gears

    Discussion in 'The main mechanical design forum' started by anvilman, Feb 24, 2011.

    1. anvilman

      anvilman New Member

      Feb 2011
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      I need to connect a constant speed 20rpm cam shaft to drive another cam shaft at a right angle in a 1:1 ratio. The tourqe thru the connection will ba a max of 500 inlbs. (Shaft are 1inch dia) Any thoughts as to bevel gears vs crossed helical gears (prefere to use a packaged, lube containing gearbox rather than open gears). This is for an industrial machine tool.
    3. garnettools

      garnettools Member

      Feb 2010
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      Its normally quite difficult to imagine something without drawings or figures.
      On studying your problem it is OK that a 25 mm. cam shaft is rotating at 20 rpm but "you need to drive other shaft at right angle to it"... This is not clear to me. Can you please send a photograph of the same or even a line diagram will do.
      Thanking you

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