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    Discussion in 'Pop in and say hello!' started by pragya23, Sep 30, 2011.

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      Technology Robotix Society brings to you ROBOTIX 2012, the biggest robotics competition in South-East Asia, to be held during 27 - 30 January 2012 as part of Kshitij, the annual Techno-Management Fest of IIT Kharagpur. From the sheer excitement of controlling a manual bot to the amazement of seeing your code run an autonomous robot perfectly and for programming junkies, the joy of making the computer do just what you want it to, we have something for everything, the n00bs to the pros. With prizes worth INR 3 Lakh we are back with a bang! Are you up for the challenge? Some of the events that we have lined up for you this year are :-
      Inferno:Build a manual robot , save lives from a burning building and put out fire using water provided. Inferno is a manual event where you have to ‘build’ the ultimate firefighter.
      Vertigo: Build a robot that can assist in rescue missions. Traverse and switch zip-lines while dropping objects in specified drop zones.
      Stalker: Stalker brings an opportunity to make two autonomous bots where one robot replicates the path of the other and traces the line followed by it.
      Echelon:Be the judge of the moods, sentiments and language of the members in a chat log! In this unique online coding event.
      Nuke-Clear:Scout through a fortress and find bomb(s) using an overhead camera feed via Image Processing. Can you defuse them before its too late?
      Stasis: Master the art of balancing by making an autonomous or manual robot that can carry a container of liquid through different terrains.
      Intrigued???? The events are more exciting than they sound... So dont miss this chance. Visit www.robotix.in for details of each event, tutorials and general learning resources for robotics. In case of any doubts, we’d love to hear from you on our Forum (www.robotix.in/forum)! Get up and start 'botting' !!!!!!

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