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  • sales representitives of bearings in UK

    Discussion in 'UK jobs' started by wsbruce, Jun 29, 2011.

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      Jun 2011
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      Hi, everyone. Our company, WD Bearing Group, is now looking for sales representitives of bearings in UK. We are both a bearing manufacturer and exporter.Our headquarter and 3 factories are in China. We also have 1 USA sales company. Details about our company could be found in our website: http://www.wd-bearing.com.

      Sales representatives are requested to contact potential customers and know clearly the working conditions. And we will choose proper products accordingly. When the business is done, commisions will be paid from China. Industrial goods experience will be prefered. It will be better if the person is familiar with bearing industry. The commision will be very good while the salary is not too much. The working place is in UK. Either full time or part-time working is acceptable.

      If you or your freind is the right person, or you want more details about our company, please send an email to me for further discussion.

      Best regards.


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