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  • Screw Detection

    Discussion in 'The main mechanical design forum' started by kb103, Jun 5, 2013.

    1. kb103

      kb103 New Member

      Jun 2013
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      I have a fixture that houses a magnet, when an operator loads a part with a screw the magnet jumps and a thru beam on the magnet detects that a screw is present. Without a screw (below) the magnet stays home and the process fails.


      I have a new part, the screw location is 15mm from the current screw location. My magnet will only accommodate 10mm range so I need to come up with something else. One idea I had was to slot my fixture, install reflective tape, and place a retro reflective sensor near the back of the fixture; if a screw is absent the sensor will detect light.

      My concern with this design is an operator could potentially block the sensor and get a false pass. I'm running out of ideas, what are your thoughts?
    3. Dana

      Dana Well-Known Member

      Sep 2010
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      Why not detect the screw directly with the thru beam or with an inductive proximity sensor?

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