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    Discussion in 'Australia & New Zealand jobs' started by ResMed, May 27, 2015.

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      ResMed is seeking exceptional designers and engineers who are driven by a desire to change lives through innovative, human-centred product design. You will be in a unique position to directly impact the lives of our patients and their families and must possess both empathy and the technical nous to make big leaps in innovation and technology development.
      ResMed's designers and engineers work within dynamic development teams covering a range of competencies including mechanical, aesthetic, research, digital and manufacturing. You must therefore be a team player with passion and enthusiasm to drive the future direction of ResMed products from concept through to high volume manufacture.
      You will:

      • Have a holistic approach to design; an ideas integrator who takes into account the needs of our customers, usability, therapy, technology trends, intellectual property, environmental factors and design for high volume manufacturing.
      • Be innovative and thorough in your approach to development, having the ability to perform at the right level of detail for the stage of the project.
      • Collaborate effectively with colleagues, stakeholders, customers and suppliers.
      • Have experience solving complex problems.
      • Have experience with parametric 3D CAD software, including advanced surface design (ideally ProE/Creo).
      • Be self-driven, but not shy about asking for help.
      • Have a passion for tinkering and a natural "maker", with the ability to prototype to an appropriate level of detail for testing or for aesthetics.
      • Have great communication skills both verbally and electronically.
      • Have a desire to understand people and produce thoughtful products that make their lives better.
      You will hold a degree in Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Mechatronics, or equivalent. Your experience will cover a number of years within a product development role and ideally you will have worked on products with diverse and complex technical challenges within a consumer setting.
      Your curiosity and passion for new technologies, and the ability to integrate ideas, will make you a key member of our team.

      To apply for the position, please apply directly through our website via the below link:

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