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  • Seeking feedback on Mechanical Design book

    Discussion in 'The main mechanical design forum' started by hayley_salter, Mar 1, 2011.

    1. hayley_salter

      hayley_salter New Member

      Mar 2011
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      Hello Mechanical Design Forum,

      I'm the editor for mechanical engineering books at a leading publishing company and I need your help!

      We have a great little book called Mechanical Design (see http://www.elsevierdirect.com/9780750657716) that's done okay, but not really as well as it should or could have.

      We're now considering how to update/improve the book in a new edition and need feedback from those who actually work in the area. Is it really any good? Are topics missing? Should it be less of an intro reference and more of a handbook? Are there other competing books on the topic that you think are better?

      It's easy to find academic reviewers but it's harder to locate professional, practical engineers to comment--which, I hope, is where you come in.

      If you're interested, pop me an email at [email protected]. I'll send you a free eBook of the current book and a short form for you to complete with your comments. There's no need to read the book in its entirety--consideration of the contents list and a skim-read of a few sections should give you enough to comment on the content and style. The rest should come from your knowledge of the area and the problems/needs of those working in it.

      Thanks for taking the time to read this. Help me to gather some practical feedback and I'll give you a practical book to help with your day-to-day work--promise! Any questions or queries, drop me a line.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Hayley Salter
      Acquisitions Editor for Mechanical Engineering
      Butterworth-Heinemann / Elsevier
      E-mail: [email protected]

      Find me on Twitter at @MechEngEditor
    3. garnettools

      garnettools Member

      Feb 2010
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      I am yet to read a Mech. Design books for working with WOOD, BAMBOO, PLASTICS, ACRYLICS, LEATHER, RUBBER, COMPOSITES ETC. Also, what extra care we need to keep while designing elements for them is very critical. Future is not of steel or aluminium, but infact of the above given materials too.
      Secondly, I have read about the tool geometry and bearing design... but what about the spindle designing where the cutting jobs parameter is the only input.
      I would appreciate if you add them to your future editions.
      Thanking you

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