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  • Senior Level Machine Designer (Ohio)

    Discussion in 'USA jobs' started by SethAngle, Mar 27, 2012.

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      • Title: Senior Designer
      • Reports to: Engineering Manager
      [h=3]Primary Function[/h]
      • Creation of mechanical design packages (assemblies, details, BOMs) for machines that meet client specifications and adhere to FDI quality standards.
      • Mechanical Design – Creation of complete mechanical design packages using SolidWorks. Capable and comfortable self-managing mechanical designs in the areas of; special machines, automation equipment, robotic weld fixture tooling, gages, assembly equipment, test equipment, etc.
      • Client Interaction – Responsible for understanding client needs/specifications and tailoring the design to meet these specifications. Interact with the client during all stages of the design process (information gathering, design reviews, change orders, etc.) and be able to see beyond the clients stated needs without disrespecting their decisions. Adept at collecting needed information from a client, suggesting improvements, pointing out overlooked details and clearly presenting designs during the review process.
      • Quality – Focus on high quality error free designs that are easy to manufacture, cost effective, and require little debug during assembly and runoff stages.
      • Efficiency – Has an efficient and proven design process that utilizes the assets of current technologies and is evolving as new methods and knowledge are made available. Continually learning, teaching, and improving on their personal design process.
      [h=3]Job Competencies[/h]
      • Experience – Minimum 8 years of experience designing special machines. Excellent knowledge of purchase components, design practices, ergo dynamics, machining processes, cost savings practices, and mechanical processes.
      • SolidWorks – Proficient in all SolidWorks functions relating to machine design. Utilizes best practices regarding assemblies, parts, drawings, mating, sketching, configurations, design tables, etc.
      • Computer/Software Skills – Proficient in all commonly used software and hardware (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.). Communicates clearly and professionally by email. Can efficiently find relevant information online.
      • Flexibility – Can efficiently navigate between multiple projects without compromising design quality. Adaptable to a wide variety of client standards.
      • Management – Effectively self manages projects and can give reasonably accurate timelines to the scheduler during the course of the design. Comfortable managing projects with multiple designers and ensuring a cohesive and complete package.
      Cultural Competencies

      • Mission/Vision – Will promote the FDI mission/vision equation:

      • Beliefs – Will promote the FDI beliefs:
        • The workplace should add value to our employee’s lives by providing an environment that recognizes talents, encourages growth, promotes teamwork, and rewards for outstanding performance.
        • Our relationships with our clients should be mutually beneficial. We will pursue clients that reciprocate this mindset
        • Client and co-worker relationships built on honor and integrity are vital components of our culture and essential for the success of the company.
        • It is our responsibility to look beyond our customer’s stated needs without disrespecting their decisions.
        • Attitude is foundational, skill can be taught.
        • A well-executed design process is more effective than debugging a machine.
        • We will utilize relevant emerging technologies to continually improve design quality and company efficiency.

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