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  • Setup for measuring shear and compession force in samples.

    Discussion in 'Calculations' started by elbartje, Mar 22, 2014.

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      Mar 2014
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      Dear all,
      I got a question, i'm designing a setup used for measuring shear and compression forces in foam samples.
      A machine moves a block with a constant speed. In that way the samples are compressed with a force under a certain angle. Now the sample are experiencing a shear and compression force.
      It are these force I want to measure over time.

      The setup looks like this:

      I can measure a vertical force Fv and a horizontal force Fh. With these two forces I want to calculate the compression force Fc and the shear force Fs.

      Now if I write a equilibrium of block 1 and I neglect the friction force on top of the block I get this:


      Is this a correct way to measure the shear and compression forces of the samples ?
      If i don't neglect the friction on the top block then I have to write a momentum equation. This means if I place my samples a bit higher or lower between the blocks all my calculation will be wrong ?

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