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  • Smart Component Problem

    Discussion in 'SolidWorks' started by jspyke52, Oct 8, 2013.

    1. jspyke52

      jspyke52 New Member

      Oct 2013
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      I pack N go a template file that we typically use. The template file needs updating. We typically and mostly use 4 different types of dowels in the assembly, and which we use depends. I trying to make the threaded dowels into smart components. The dowels are mated on to a plate with 8/32 csink holes. I was successful in creating 2 of the 4. Using a top down design placing the 8 csink onto the plate to the dowel. I make the dowel the smart comp. and the 8 csink for the feature, but after I click the check mark, SW gives me an error saying something is out of context. Nothing had a question mark next to it, and when I check ref. it is clean also. Can someone give me something else too try or suggest?

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