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    Discussion in 'The Leisure Lounge' started by shlamimo, Mar 5, 2016.

    1. shlamimo

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      Aug 2009
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      Beautiful man-made bionic bird modelled on a seagull! Wingspan of almost 2 metres! It can take off, fly and land by itself. Video below.


      SmartBird is an autonomous ornithopter created by Festo's Bionic Learning Network with an emphasis on better aerodynamics and manoeuvrability. It is an ornithopter modeled on the herring gull. It has a mass of 450 grams and a wingspan of 1.96 meters. In April 2011 the SmartBird was unveiled at theHanover Fair.

      The natural wingbeat of a bird was emulated by using bionics technology to decipher bird flight. Based on the flight of a herring gull, Smartbird differs from previous flapping wing attempts in that it can take off, fly and land by itself. Its wings not only beat up and down, but deliberately twist. This is done by an active torsion mechanism, which provides both lift and propulsion.

      Smartbird is constructed of polyurethane foam and carbon fiber and is powered by a 135 brushless motor running at 23 watts.

      Source: Wikipedia.

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    3. s.weinberg

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      Nov 2012
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      Festo's bionic robots are always amazingly cool. This one is no exception

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