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  • Solid Edge CAD Modeller / Design Engineer - Contract Hants

    Discussion in 'UK jobs' started by adampaine, Apr 4, 2011.

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      Solid Edge CAD Modeller / Design Engineer - Contract in Hampshire

      Initially a 3 month contract but in practice with the work involved the Manager feels this will go to 6 to 9 months.

      Aerospace experience

      You should have or be:-

      • Five years minimum working in an aerospace, creative new design environment creating models and producing linked parametric drawings.
      • Able to maintain existing complex fully constrained Solid edge models.
      • Familiar with working in small professional, dedicated and focused teams.
      • Considerable experience of fully defining detail in relation to dimensions/tolerances, geometric tolerances, surface finishes, thread forms, weld symbols etc.
      • Experience of implementing engineering change procedures.
      • Experience of producing stand-alone unambiguous drawings, using sections and enlarged details to clearly depict the part.
      • Interpret the requirements of defined standards and apply them to the drawing set as necessary.
      • Must have a professional manner in liaising with MSS staff and accept rework as required.
      • Capable of establishing cross discipline working arrangements.
      • Capable of switching projects to aid the company in meeting customer deliverable deadlines.

      CAD Experience

      The candidate must have:-

      • Solid Edge – 5+ years experience. Current on ST interface (MSS currently use ST in Traditional mode).
      • Expert level experience at fully constraining complex express routes / models within assemblies and relative to other assemblies.
      • Experience of modelling precision manufactured components, sub-assembly & general assembly.
      • Experience of using Solid Edge Express Route – this will be essential for the new projects we are working on.
      • Experience of using Revision Manager to maintain links while revising models and drawings.

      The candidate should be familiar with current British / European drawing standards per BS 8888.

      For more information contact:

      [email protected]

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