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  • Sony Playstation 3 Mechanics / Thermal management - PICS!

    Discussion in 'The main mechanical design forum' started by GarethW, Apr 15, 2010.

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      I've recently been trying to build up a folder containing images of thermal management solutions - very handy to dip into when trying to come up with ideas for a project!

      Today a Playstation3 fell into my hands and naturally I couldn't help reaching for the screwdriver. I thought I'd share the pics of the internal assembly with you...

      1. Main chassis with a MONSTER fan on the top! Do these things judder around the room like a washing machine on full spin when you switch them on?

      2. Rear of the chassis. The two diagonal brackets push hard on the back of some devices that get hot, foring them into a heatsink on the other side of the PCB.

      3. Rear of the chassis with one of the push brackets removed. You can see the devices underneath.

      4. Close up of the fan module and exhaust grille.

      5. Underside of fan module with heat-pipes. Some SERIOUS thermal management is going on here!

      6. Another shot of the heat-pipes. The two flat plates were smeared with trouser-ruining compound (thermal paste) and make contact with the topside of the two devices I mentioned earlier.

      7. Closeup of the heat-pipes and another exhaust vent. The heat-pipes seem to be soldered to the screening frame for maximum conduction into the chassis.

      8. Screening frame

      9. Screening frame reverse. What material do you think it is? Steel with tinplate perhaps?

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