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  • Sr Mechanical Engineer - Iowa

    Discussion in 'USA jobs' started by ProEnergy, Nov 19, 2015.

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      Nov 2015
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      Immediate Sr Mechanical Engineer opening available in Des Moines, Iowa. Please contact me directly with interest. Thank you!!!!

      Job Responsibilities:

      • Perform overall project management to meet project objectives.
      • Design and assist in the production of documents to meet project schedules, including sizing of equipment, ductwork, and piping.
      • Strong knowledge of codes and related mechanical/HVAC industry standards.
      • Review mechanical documents for areas of conflict with all disciplines.
      • Participate in Construction Administration by processing shop drawings, responding to RFIs, and performing site visits during the construction phase.
      • Coordinate with architects, interior designers, team engineers, and specialty sub-consultants.
      • Ability to plan, organize, and lead technical projects and teams.
      • Conducts QA/QC on the work of other mechanical engineers and technicians.
      • Ensure the preparation and timely delivery of accurate, complete, and value-added documents.
      • Identify and implement ideas that will save our clients time and money.
      • Develop and maintain client relationships.
      • Participate in project pursuits, including interviews and strategy positioning.

      • Licensed Professional Mechanical Engineer with 15+ years’ experience in mechanical design.
      • Software proficiency with AutoCAD, energy/load simulation software, and Microsoft Office.
      • Ability to work in a team environment and set and manage priorities.
      • Excellent people skills and strong oral and written communications skills.
      • Places emphasis on relationships.

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