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    Discussion in 'The main mechanical design forum' started by Qutta, Feb 26, 2014.

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      Feb 2014
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      Looking for help!

      A factory require a process steam at 1 bar pressure, 180 degree Celsius and at rate of 10kg/s. To operate other equipment of the processing plant, it also required electrical power of P MW at 50 Hz. The steam is generated using boilers and the process steam supplied from the turbine exit using insulated low pressure pipe. The electric power is obtained from an alternator driven by the turbine shaft via a gear box. The losses in pipes, turbines and gearing system can be assumed to be between 1 to 5%. The turbine speed is between 9000 to 15000 rpm. Assume that raw water is pumped from a nearby river 1 to 5m deep. The pump house is about 1 m from the boiler. The distance between boiler and turbine is 150m. The distance between steam plant and factory is 1 km.

      The current problem I faced is difficulty in calculate the enthalpy and entropy at the point where steam exit from turbine. Anyone would like to help?

      Thank you.

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