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  • Superheated Steam Project Design

    Discussion in 'Industrial design' started by BrazilianStudent, Oct 18, 2022.

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      Oct 2022
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      I am a Mechanical Engenieer brazilian student and I trying do design a project to my self as a way to improve my knowledge and I would like to know if someone could help me.

      I am trying to desing a Thermoeletric system with a boiler, turbine, pumps, condensers and so on.

      As a conceitual project, I designed a system using biogas.

      I searched that the city I live produces 250.000 kg of trash per day, with 50% of it beeing organic, with 5.200 kg/h. I also searched that 1000 kg of organic trash produces 250 m³ of biogas and 1m³ of biogas generates 6 kwh. So it produces 7.800.000 J/s.

      I saw a turbine that uses 1,275 MPa and 300ºC in the input and 6,25 KP in the output. So I think i need to heat the water at this preassure and temperature.

      With 1,275 MPa, the saturated temperature is about 190ºC and the temperature in the boiler input is about 37ºC. So I used:

      Q=MC(T1-T2), with 1 kg(of water) x 4184 x 153 = 640.152

      Q = ML = 1 x 2.600.00 = 2.260.000

      Q = 1 x 2010 x 110.= 221.100

      to know the massic flow I did: 7.800.000 J/s / 3.121.252 J = 2.5 Kg/s = 9010 kg/h

      Is that correct? Is this way to calculate correct?

      Now Im trying to design the pipe. It has 250 m. With valves, conections, it has 304,1m. For the pressure loss, I have to know the coefficient of friction, To know it I have to know the Reynold number e for that I have to know the cinematic viscovisity, Is there a table or other way where I can find the the cinematic viscovisty of the superheated steam at 300º and 1,275 MPA? Is there another equation I can use to find the pressure loss in the pipe?

      After, I will try to calculate the thermal loss in the pipe. Where I can find the convective coeficient of the superheated steam at 300º and 1,275 MPA?

      Is there a number that I can use as the accurate eficience of the boiler (I know that the boiler have a efficience)?

      Thanks a lot.

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