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  • Symmetrical Motion using Servo Motors

    Discussion in 'Industrial design' started by NasTnaS, Apr 19, 2011.

    1. NasTnaS

      NasTnaS Member

      Sep 2010
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      Hi Guys,

      I need to design a guiding system for a layer of PET Bottles (Depalletizer), this guide will be controlled by a Servo Motor and be symmetrical about the mid plane of the pallet.

      are there any links to some types of designs i could use to generate the symmetrical motion? at the moment i am thinking of going with a LHS and RHS trapeziodal threaded shaft, which will be attached to both guides, and have seperate linear shafts with bushes to take the racking and side loading.

      does anyone have any suggestions? or links to some sites i could browse.

    3. rushinpatel

      rushinpatel Active Member

      Apr 2011
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      just u visit the khs machinary pvt limited companys website,
      this company are also manufactures of bottling plant machinary just u visit its website
      bychance any one idea u got from there.../

      thank u
    4. Harshad

      Harshad Member

      Jun 2011
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      Dear Sir,

      I think,
      1) Rack and Pinion mechanism will work more accurately rather than LHS RHS screw shaft.
      2) You can use Gear system attached to servo motor which will turn two gears in opposite directions. You need to attach CAM with required push of follower on these two gears. Follower needs to be attached at joint of two links.
      a) First link- One end fixed other end attached commonly with follower and second link
      b) Second link - One end Fixed commonly with follower and first link.

      When small gears are rotating in opposite direction by some degrees, It will rotate cam axially attached to respective gear. Thus, both the cam will rotate with same degree but opposite in direction, in turn both will push two separate follower attached to them. Followers are attached to common point (Joint of Two Links) of free links. Hence, Free ends (Connected with Guides)of Second links will move in linear motion but in opposite direction. based on travel of this free ends, you can decide Cam rotation, Gear Ratio, and Servo Motor specs.

      Hope I replied your question.

      Harshad Patel

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