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  • Temperature Rise Inside Enclosure

    Discussion in 'Calculations' started by Sekocan, Aug 15, 2016.

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      I am a mechanical engineer but mostly worked on mechanisms and mechanic things. Now I have a heat problem and I guess my heat knowledge is too rusty for this. So can you help me?

      The problem is, I have a rectengular prism box with known thickness. Inside, there are some electronic devices. The heat generation of the devices is known. Ambient temperature is known. How can I calculate the temperature of the inside of the box.

      - The box is a flat kind. So the upwards convection inside the box can be neglected.
      - The devices are not concentrated in some small space, they are placed homogeneously.
      - The ambient is still, no wind.

      If we need any numbers, let's say:
      - The size of the box is: 1200x300x90mm (long flat box)
      - Thickness is: 10mm
      - Heat Generation is: 300 Watts
      - Ambient Temperature: 25 C
      - Inside and outside is air.


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