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  • The adjustment method of TPE injection temperature

    Discussion in 'Plastic moulding' started by MIA WANG, Sep 13, 2021.

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      1. In TPE injection molding, generally speaking, the temperature of the entire area cannot exceed 240 degrees, so that TPE will decompose. The temperature of the feed port is a little lower, and the temperature rises slowly. The temperature of the melting section is generally between 180-210, and the temperature of the nozzle is generally 10-20 degrees lower than the temperature of the melting section.

      2. TPE hardness is 0C~15A super soft material, and the injection temperature is 130~200℃.

      3. The first is the decomposition temperature of SEBS (TPE is modified from SEBS). The decomposition temperature of SEBS is 270. Generally speaking, this is the highest point of SEBS, but generally it will not reach such a high temperature.

      4. Generally, TPE materials will be added with a certain heat-resistant agent according to the product. Unless it is to be decomposed, the limit temperature of adding the heat-resistant agent is generally not exceeded.

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